Uses for Spray Foam


Fort Collins, spray foam insulation has a myriad of uses if you will give your imagination some
wiggle room. Make use of a tubing extension or a spray gun along with the expanding spray
foam to increase your reachability for whatever project you undertake, and add to the number of
places you can seal or projects you can create.

Rodent Repellent

The most common useful spray foam insulation is for sealing leaky air trouble spots for an airtight
home. The expanding genie in a bottle material seals the cracks and spaces around your
windows and roofing and wall cavity system, making your Fort Collins home more energy
efficient. A bonus perk of sealing around your windows with spray foam insulation, if you pay
attention to the type of spray foam you purchase, comes in the form of debugging your home.

Spray Foam in Basement

On the exterior or your house, plug holes around water faucets and other piping to keep out the
insects and mice. Pests cannot chew through particular types of spray foam insulation, which
makes them an excellent pest control to spray around windows, door frames, garage door jams,
and basement and crawlspace cracks and joints.

Spray foam insulation can stand as a security measure. Apart from sealing around your
windows to create a bug and pest free home, spray foam insulation can be used as a seal
around door frames to prevent shifting, wiggling, and leaning. Your doors will be stable for
years to come. Utility piping can be insulated with spray foam, making it a thermal barrier for
underground pipes and security structures.

Spray foam insulation functions as a sealant for more than the features around a house. Spray
foam insulation aids in flotation and sound control for boats and other floatation devices such as
docks and buoys. Insulate camper walls and floors with spray foam insulation. Mold and shape
spray foam insulation before it cures to be a set prop or scholastic project piece. Partially fill a
packing box with foam and cover with plastic. Then push the fragile object you are packing into
the foam before it cures to create custom fit security mold. Keep your cold storage area cool
using spray foam insulation. Apply this multi-use material in your Fort Collins home or business
landscaping repairs, such as on stone wall repairs.

No matter what space you need insulation or sealant, Spray Foam insulation stands up to the
test as the best in the business. Your home or business can be insect and rodent proof, your
landscaping held together, your piping leak free, heating and cooling bills at lower cost, your
school or theater projects uniquely designed, and your boats will remain afloat - all with the use
of the fantastic properties of spray foam insulation.

Energy Effecient Insulation in Windsor, Colorado

Fort Collins residents and business owners should highly consider replacing your old and
insufficient insulation with spray foam. Your pocketbook will thank you in the end! Overhead
costs will likely be lower, your home or business well sealed, and you will have a peace of mind
you didn't know you were missing.

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