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Did you know you can use spray foam insulation on your roof? Many people don’t know, which means they don’t know the great benefits of spray foam insulation for your roof, especially here in Fort Collins, CO. What are those benefits? Let’s go over them real quick.

Benefits of spray foam insulation for your roof:
1. Prevents air intrusion and the intrusion of moisture
2. This improves indoor quality
3. Keeps out dust, pollens, and wait for it…BUGS
4. This insulation does not snag at all and is sturdy and permanent
5. Meet Building codes
6. And one of the best reasons, it lowers energy costs!

Windsor Spray Foam

Spray foam insulation for the roof can be done on concrete surfaces, wood, metal, steel, and any other roofing systems that might be used. That means that no matter what type of roof you have, you can get SPF and drastically improve the current roof system. Leaks aren’t likely, and again- this will save you a lot of costs.

Another awesome perk of using spray foam for your roof is that all your belongings in your attic will stay incredibly well protected. That wedding dress from decades ago, your child baby book, your great grandmother’s hand-sewn quilt, and of course the husband’s old book collection. Spray Foam insulation will keep those important items safe during winter, spring, summer, and fall!

Moisture Restriction Insulation

One of the other reasons we love SPF is that because it’s so good at keeping moisture away and has that seal that no other insulation has, there’s zero possibility of mold growth from leaks. Because leaks won’t happen. And when it comes to mold in the home, you cannot take too many precautions.

Here’s the other thing too, Colorado is known for wind. I mean have you ever taken off or landed at the local airport? It’s nuts! And tornados. And blizzards. I mean, in all honesty, we see it all here. This is another reason spray foam insulation is a great choice- because it hardens and fills all those spaces where the air is, it adds strength and stability to your home when it’s needed most. While it certainly isn’t meant to keep a house standing in a tornado, and we don’t advertise for that, it doesn’t hurt to choose an insulation that strengthens your home a bit more!

Colorado Spray Foam Insulation

Speaking of storms and wind- they cause SO MUCH sound that sometimes it’s hard to sleep, watch that show, study for that exam, or simply finish a thought. Spray foam insulation is far superior to other methods of insulating when it comes to sound. You, your family, and your pets will notice the sound improvements!

Now that we’ve talked your ear off, it’s time to head over to our contact page and give us a call or fill out a form. We can’t wait to serve you and your home!

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