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Spray Foam Insulation in Crawl Spaces

Are you stuck deciding on what insulation to choose? Are you tired of having that cold breeze coming out from your crawl space? Do you have unwanted bugs or rodents taking residence in your crawl space? Well look no further we have your solution right here.

At Distinctive Spray Foam, we want you and your home to have the best of the best protection and insulation there is. And what is the best? Well, spray foam insulation of course.

Energy Efficient Spray Foam

What is spray foam insulation made of? Spray foam insulation is made of two chemicals called polyurethane and isocyanate, when mixed together they foam up and then harden. Which then creates a vapor and a moisture barrier. It also helps with temperature regulation and will save you money on your heating bill.

Thinking about using spray foam insulation in your crawl spaces of your home? You should, crawl spaces can lead up to thousands of dollars in repair. Usually, there can be a lot of pipes and other important things you need to keep your house running in working condition, without good insulation a lot of your pipes could also be damaged. Also without proper insulation in your crawl spaces, you could end up having air quality issues, moisture, and even structural damage. Your crawl space could even collect mildew and even mold, using spray foam insulation can reduce that risk by providing no food sources for mold or bacteria, so you and your family don’t have to breathe in the mold or mildew.Spray foam insulation will help you and your family keep your air clean and clear of the harmful bacteria that can linger without the proper insulation. Leaving you and your family with a lower chance of getting the cold or any other sickness caused by bacteria.

Pest Control

Not only can spray foam eliminate mold, mildew, and bacteria, it can also help with keeping unwanted pests out of the crawl space. It’s an airtight seal making it difficult for rodents and bugs to enter the space, nothing is better than the feeling of not having to worry about what is crawling around in your space or chewing on anything that can potentially damage your home and cost you more money and energy.

Still not sure if you and your family should use spray foam insulation? That’s okay, go ahead and give us a call we will answer any of your questions and help you see why spray foam insulation is the way to go.

Serving Northern Colorado

Here in Fort Collins, we believe we will meet your expectation and leave you behind with a crawl space that will last you for years, save you time and energy, and will keep your home safe. So go ahead and call us because we are waiting to help and serve you today.

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