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Garages are notorious for catching drafts and costing homeowners a great deal of money during peak weather months as well as for being susceptible to mold, mildew, and flooding. They are often built with poor insulation to save money during construction, but air leaving your garage is still air leaving your home, and a mold problem is one of the most frustrating to address.

Fort Collins, Colorado families know they can trust Distinctive Spray Foam to seal up their garages with our high-quality polyurethane foam which renders walls and floors impervious to air and water leakage. Spray foam (also known as SPF) provides an airtight seal to your walls so you can say goodbye to drafts and leakage. It is one of the most innovative tools available to builders today, providing unmatched insulation and sealing.

Airtight Spray Foam

In addition to unwanted airflow raising the power bill, the rainy season brings potential flooding which can incur tremendous, unplanned costs. With the kind of precipitation Fort Collins gets, mold can also set in where there is less climate control due to inadequate insulation. This moisture can be a real problem in your garage. Fortunately, it’s not one you have to live with. SPF is waterproof so your home will be specially protected in the case of flooding and less likely to allow for mold spores to thrive.

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Another benefit of SPF is that it serves as a sound barrier. For homeowners wanting to utilize their garage space for more than just parking cars, this is incredibly valuable. Create an athome gym, use it as an extra bedroom or office, let your teenager set up his band. Whatever you choose to do with the extra space, you will love the extra privacy, and your neighbors will appreciate the limited noise!

Spray foam is also ideal for large garages and workshops where keeping a controlled climate is particularly challenging. Its unparalleled capacity for insulation allows it to keep air and energy from escaping in even the most spacious structures.

Spray foam also increases the strength of the walls themselves. In garages where accidents are bound to happen, this means that you will not have to replace a portion of the wall for some simple mistake. It also means that windstorms pose less risk to your building. The spray foam acts as a fortifier, keeping your structure sturdy against bumps and rattles.

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Distinctive Spray Foam is here to help you insulate your garage with SPF and enjoy the many benefits of doing so. Spray foam is an incredible resource for builders and homeowners, but it requires particular knowledge during installation to provide its full potential. Distinctive Spray Foam offers skillful, efficient application guaranteed to allow the foam to give you it’s very best for years to come.

We are also very cognizant of your budget and will work with you to find the most affordable, highest quality options for your space. Distinctive Spray Foam is passionate about the possibilities SPF offers, and we want you to reap the benefits! Give us a call, and we will help you transform your cold, hollow garage into a space you enjoy using!

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