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Soundproofing is an often over-looked process when it comes to insulating your home. If air can flow between your walls, so can sound waves. Whether you’re reinforcing your home and keeping outside noise outside, or sound-proofing your walls from your budding rock artist, you’ll notice a distinct difference in what you do not hear, with Distinctive Spray Foam.

So how does it work? Our technicians apply the Polyurethane Spray Foam to the walls of your choosing. Because it goes on as a liquid and expands as a foam, it has the opportunity to seal in all the gaps and voids that traditional forms of insulation cannot reach. Prime examples are your electrical outlets or plumbing. While we’re sure you never thought about noise coming from your electrical outlets; we don’t recommend putting your ear to your electrical plugs to test the theory. Trust us that we’re right on this one.

Spray Foam Insulation in Fort Collins

Spray foam used in this process is called open-cell. Open-cell foam is a cheaper product because it is not as dense when it sets. However, it won’t sink or settle. Spray foam is the preferred product for sound-proofing because it can get into those weird nooks and crannies. Since spray foam expands in seconds, you’ll notice results very quickly. An additional advantage of spray foam insulation is that it can accommodate shifts in the weather. This means that you don’t have to deal with any unexpected auditory surprises when summer moves into winter. Spray foam also inhibits mold growth. That’s great news for you and your insurance agency.

Distinctive Spray Foam also provides this same technology to our commercial partners as well. If your business thrives on providing confidential meeting spaces, our spray foam technology can help assist you with the setup you need to provide this valuable service to those you serve. Maybe you are renovating an old apartment or other multiple dwelling units? Our spray foam technology can help cut down on those noise complaints. Music studios, need not fear. We can provide the right set up to ensure that the only sounds on your recording, are those you put there yourself.

Distinctive Spray Foam

When considering which open-cell spray form is correct for your home or business, we will review two important factors; sound transmission and noise reduction. Sound transmission refers to how well sound passes through the walls. Noise reduction relates to how well the sound absorbs into your walls. Both of these components are taken into consideration when sound-proofing. If blocking noise from the outside world is just as important as blocking the sound coming from inside your home or business, it is possible to achieve this with spray foam.

Regardless of whether you’re building new or renovating an existing property, our local technicians are here to help you achieve the right balance between ambiance and comfort in the sounds in and around your home or business. Because our technicians are local to the Fort Collins area, we understand the environment and can provide expert analysis of the type of spray foam needed for your new or existing structure. Your satisfaction on what you can hear, or not hear, as the case may be, is our priority.

Soundproofing with Polyurethane Spray Foam

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