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Fort Collins residents and business owners benefit from spray foam insulation. The more the residents around Fort Collins know about the types of insulation available, the better and better spray foam insulation looks! The fiberglass insulation of yesteryear miserably fails to keep warm air in and cold air out sufficiently, but spray foam insulation gets the job done right the first time.

Warmer for your pets
That’s right, we’re not keeping you warm during our crazy winters- but we’re keeping those loved pets warm too. Walking outside just to do their business can be cold on their paws and coat, so coming into that warm house is an absolute joy for them!

Airtight Spray Foam

When you use spray foam insulation, you’re filling all those air pockets that the traditional fiberglass insulation misses. Every little nook and cranny is filled and secured. This not only keeps you warmer in the cold Colorado winter but energy costs lower as well. This is a win for you, your pet, and your bill!

Say goodbye to mold
Mold is always a product of moisture and even more so when moisture and heat combined. With spray foam insulation there’s a seal that’s the most secure you will find- absolutely no leaks will be able to through it. This keeps the mold growth in your hometown, which is good for your health your dog’s health, and yes- your bills! Medical bills can get high really fast when you keep getting sick due to mold!

Closed Cell Insulation

No more leaks
It’s Colorado, it snows and rains here every year. And our rainstorms aren’t just a nice drizzle it’s as though the God of thunder opened up his wrath upon us. Tornados, monsoon type winds, heavy rain, hail, and sometimes I swear a waterfall of rain- really affect the quality of your roof. Should water get in at all, and get the fiberglass insulation wet- you’re going to have mold, and whatever is in your attic will too. This means all those keepsakes that were put up there to keep nice and untouched, will get wet…and until you notice the leak, they will sit wet and get moldy and damaged.

However- if you use spray foam insulation under the roof- absolutely no leaks can break that seal. That means the god of thunder can rain down and you’ll be sitting pretty and unphased! Not to mention your belongings will be safe and secure for years to come.

Basements are usually always unfinished, and not insulated. This means they are cold and sometimes damp. Before you do any remodeling or finishing- the best thing you can do is get all the spray foam insulation in before you start putting the drywall up. Just because it’s the basement- doesn’t mean water can’t get in, or the heat, or the cold. Insulating it will help with the sound between rooms, and keeping the space untouched by any moisture or extreme ground temperatures is a win!

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